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How can I use the Residential Proxies?
How can I use the Residential Proxies?
Updated over a week ago

With our Residential Proxies, you can easily access a proxy pool of over 30 million IPs using the Residential Proxy endpoint. These proxies are specifically designed for use in a Backbone Connection, meaning that the Proxy Address is a domain name and the assigned IP addresses differ.

If you want to use an IP address for the Proxy Address, click the convert symbol next to the domain name ( on the Proxy List to get the IP address you need:

Also, if you happen to have proxies from multiple countries but only want to use the ones from a specific country on your list, don't worry! It's actually really easy to do:

Simply use the country code in the username field (for example, "US" for USA proxies or "GB" for UK proxies), and you'll be good to go. To find the country codes, just filter the Proxy List by country, and they will appear in the username field

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