Why are my proxies not working?
Updated over a week ago

Your proxies might not be working due to several reasons:

  • If the proxy status in your dashboard is - the proxy is unavailable right now.

    You can replace it free of charge by enabling auto-replace when "Proxy is not available for more than 15 minutes" in your Proxy Settings:

  • Proxies won't work if your Email is not verified - Please verify your Email to activate your account:

  • If you have reached your bandwidth limit, your proxies will stop working. Please upgrade your plan to continue using the proxies.

  • If your account is under verification - Please navigate to your Account Settings, provide the requested details and verify your ID.

    The Compliance Team will get back to you within 1-2 business days; you will be compensated for any lost subscription time.

If this didn't help, please get in touch with us and provide the following information:

  • The website (URL) you are trying to access.

  • Proxy address, port, username, and password you are using.

  • The program you are using to connect to the proxies.

  • A screenshot of the error page you receive.

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