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What are the configuration errors?
What are the configuration errors?
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If you see high configuration errors on your account, please look at these possible errors and solutions to take full advantage of the proxies.

  • client_connect_forbidden_host 403: this is when the target website you are trying to connect to cannot be accessed via Webshare Proxy. You should not be getting this error when using the Proxy Servers or Static Residential Proxies. However, when using the Residential Proxies, you might see this error on your account, as some websites are blocked through these proxies. If this is the case, contact us; we will check this for you!

  • client_connect_high_concurrency 429: this is when you are sending too many requests simultaneously. We suggest adding the High Concurrency to your plan if you have standard concurrency. If you already have the High Concurrency feature on your plan, please get in touch with us, and we will check this for you!

  • no_proxies_allocated 407: when you connect to a proxy that is not on your proxy list anymore. If you have auto-refresh on your plan or enabled auto-replace, using the proxies in the Backbone Connection / Rotating Proxy Endpoint would be best to avoid this issue. If you still need to, please get your current list and implement it in the program you are using.

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