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How can I use the Webshare Chrome extension?
How can I use the Webshare Chrome extension?
Updated over a week ago

As Webshare, we are happy to introduce our very own extension.

Webshare proxy extension provides easy-to-use managed proxies that enable you to change your browser's geo-location in seconds. No more manual IP, username, password and port management. Leave the configuration to us and enjoy a blazing speed setup.

To download your Webshare Chrome extension, please follow the link below, please click here.

Once you log into your account and the Webshare extension, you can start using your proxies more easily than ever. The extension will look like this:

Once you log in and open the extension, you will be able to see all your available proxies (you will be able to connect/disconnect to the proxies with simply one click):

You can filter your countries on your Proxy List without going to your Webshare account:

You can also easily jump from the extension to your account in a few simple clicks:

  • go to your Dashboard or your profile here


  • check the details of your plan make quick upgrades to it

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