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Can I switch between the referral programs?
Updated over a week ago

If you're currently earning Webshare credits but would prefer to receive payouts instead or the other way around, you can easily do so by clicking the "SWITCH PROGRAM" button on the Referral page. It's that simple!

Just keep in mind that any Reward Balance you've earned through the Referral Program cannot be transferred to the Affiliate Program. Payments from referred users that are still "Pending" won't be transferred as payouts. But don't worry, once they become available, they will be transferred to your account as Webshare credits. You'll start earning payouts for referred users who registered after you became an affiliate.

The same process applies if you decide to switch back to the Refer a Friend Program. Your Reward Balance will stay in your Affiliate Program account and won't be converted to Referral Program credits. You'll begin earning Webshare credits for referred users who registered after you switched programs.

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