What is concurrency?

Proxy concurrency determines how many requests you can send through your proxies at the same time. By standard, your account comes with 500 concurrency (threads). You can upgrade to High Concurrency plans to increase the limit to 3,000+. 

The number of concurrency for High Concurrency plans scale with the number of proxies available in your account. For example, when high concurrency is enabled, you will receive the following concurrency

  • 100 proxies - 3,000 Concurrency
  • 1,000 Proxies - 10,000 Concurrency
  • 10,000 Proxies - 30,000 Concurrency
  • 60,000 Proxies - 60,000 Concurrency

All concurrency limits apply to your account as a whole. Your concurrency limits automatically increase with the number of proxies you have purchased.

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